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Danko Reproductions, Inc. has been in business for 18 years, starting up under the name Danko Conversion Industries in Orlando Florida in 1992. Danko's original business venture was a full body custom kit for the 1982-1992 Chevrolet Camaro called the Danko Inferno. Moshe Field, who is the designer and founder of the company, had studied engineering at Ohio State University and Ohio University from 1986-1989 while minoring in art.

The Danko Inferno project was met with reasonably good success and was featured in several automotive magazines including Kit Car Illustrated and Peterson's Kit Car Magazine. As the years progressed and having been already fully set up as a manufacturer fiberglass parts, Danko began to specialize and move into the reproduction market to fill the need for obsolete classic car body parts - mostly for G-body (Buick Regal, Monte Carlo), 2nd generation F-Body(1970-1981 Chevy's Camaros and Pontiac Firebirds) and several Cadillacs. These highly sought after reproductions have been the bread and butter for the company for many years, but "Mo" needed a more creative outlet, and having a fiberglass business and the special skills needed to sculpt original art work was especially useful living in the Orlando area.

To fill this void, Moshe began taking on custom theme park projects starting with a Cartoon Rabbit project for "Give Kids The World" in Kissimmee, FL (Charity that helps terminally ill children and their families receive a Disney vacation) and then working on several high profile themed projects with some very large companies that built themed props for Disney, Universal Studios and Sea World. This small distraction lasted around 5 years, but soon had to end.

After moving the company to Miami (for family reasons) in 2004 and finding that creative theme park work was no longer available, Moshe, who was a longtime Mopar enthusiast, decided to expand the company by adding a new line of custom retro parts for the Dodge LX cars (Charger, Magnum, Challenger and 300). After 5 years of adding new designs and improving on old ones, Danko's current LX line has become the most popular and highly regarded brand of custom LX body accessories in the world.

Danko's custom and reproduction parts have been shipped to almost every country on the globe. Their shakers systems and spoilers gained international fame when they were put to work on a Magnum NASCAR Pace Car at Chicago land speedway. Danko's Charger shaker systems have been used twice by the Gaffoglio Family MetalCrafters, Inc.,(who hand build all of Chrysler's Concept cars) to create the 2 world famous Chrysler Cuda Concept Cars. Danko's Shaker System was featured on a TV episode of "Cops" on a race bating police Charger, not to mention Danko's custom parts have been featured on countless show cars in magazines and at the SEMA auto show in Vegas for 5 years in a row.

Danko Reproductions has always been committed to bringing to the American automotive enthusiast extremely high quality fiberglass and urethane automotive creations and is proud to be able to to say that all of their parts are expertly hand made in America by some of the best craftsmen in the business.

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